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SOLD items 2015 archive 2 product details : 

Sony  PS-X35
direct  drive  turntable
Sony  PS-X35  direct drive  turntable  :  fully  automatic  - arm  lower  needs  help
Sony  PS-X35  direct drive  turntable  :  right  profile
Sony  PS-X35  direct drive  turntable  :  controls  closeup
Sony  PS-X35  direct drive  turntable  :  back  view
Sony  PS-X35  direct drive  turntable  :  cover  left  profile
Sony  PS-X35  direct drive  turntable  :  size  scale
   SOLD December 2105 on trademe  to Paraparaumu
S/N: 300775
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      Sony   PS-X35 direct drive turntable - grey :
   An in-most-respects functioning, late-80s direct drive turntable featuring digital speed display and outside lid controls
   Auto return STOP works to remove the tonearm and return it to the rest
   Recommend to manually start play,  or assist the arm lifter before play commences,  in auto START mode,  since the UP / DOWN function is disabled

Specifications :
  -:®:-   Vintage 1979 model
  -:®:-   Type : direct drive
  -:®:-   Motor : DC servo controlled motor [brushless and slotless]
  -:®:-   Speeds : 33 and 45rpm
  -:®:-   Wow and flutter : ± 0.05% [DIN],  0.03% [WRMS]
  -:®:-   Signal to noise : 73dB [DIN B]
  -:®:-   Platter : 313mm aluminium alloy diecast
  -:®:-   Tonearm : static-balance type, curve shaped arm
  -:®:-   Effective length : 216.5mm,   Overhang : 16.5mm
  -:®:-   Cartridge weight range : 12gm to 18gm including headshell
  -:®:-   Dimensions [W x H x D] : 445 x 140 x 395mm
  -:®:-   Weight : 5.8kg  - packed 7.3kg

   SOLD December 2105 on trademe  to Paraparaumu


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