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SOLD items 2016 archive 2 product details : 
  Denon  PMA-1055R
stereo  amplifier - 1st unit

Denon  PMA-1055R  stereo amplifier  :  front  view
Denon  PMA-1055R  stereo amplifier  :  right  top  view
Denon  PMA-1055R  stereo amplifier  :  controls  closeup
Denon  PMA-1055R  stereo  amplifier  :  back  view
Denon  PMA-1055R  stereo amplifier  :  left  profile
Denon  PMA-1055R  stereo  amplifier  :  size  scale
   SOLD October 2016 on trademe  to North Shore
S/N: 4117606906   remote: RC-843   operating manual
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                           Denon  PMA-1055R stereo integrated amplifier, 1st unit - black :
   Solid power supply uses a shielded toroidal transformer
   A pair of large 12,000uF capacitors for voltage smoothing and a very substantial heat sink
   Features source direct switch for tone controls bypass and optical connection between amplifier stages for awesomely detailed sound

Features :
   Delicate Musical Details and Rock-Solid Power, the Essential Components for DVD-Audio and other Next-Generation Sound Sources :
   The PMA-1055R is an integrated amplifier specially designed to reproduce next-generation DVD-Audio and SACD sources with the wide range and high frequencies that give them their stunningly beautiful sound
   Since these sources require a frequency response as high as 100 kHz, the power amp circuitry and the volume and tone controls and have been completely revamped. To effectively tame the greater noise at this level, leakage cancelling (LC) twin transformers have been mounted in parallel on a large base, and Schottky barrier diodes, famous for their high-speed operation and low noise, have been used in the rectifier circuit
   The PMA-1055R’s high-speed, large-current power circuit ensures a rock-stable supply of power, and its HC single push-pull circuit delivers a powerful sound while preserving the beautiful details of music
   The elegant PMA-1055R is an all-round integrated amp, ideal for today’s growing choices of high-quality audio entertainment

   High-Current (HC) Single Push-Pull Circuit Combining Delicate Musical Details and Rock-Solid Power :
   Inheriting the concept of the UHC Single Push-Pull circuit that was incorporated in the S-Series and earned high acclaim for the richness of its expressive power, the HC Single Push-Pull circuit was developed to bring out the maximum potential of the PMA-1055R integrated amplifier
   Delicate nuances of the music and reliable stability of power have finally been combined to open a completely new dimension in sonic experience. Serious and budding audiophiles alike can enjoy the music directly as artistic expression and savor the artist’s original involvement

   HC-Transistor, for Rich, Expressive Sound :
   The HC-transistor, boasting superior electric current supply capability and double the capacity of normal transistors to handle peak levels of electric current, was developed in order to endow the PMA-1055R with high-end audio performance. The dramatic improvement in musical expression is easily audible
   LC (Leakage Cancelling) Mounted Twin Transformers :
   The PMA-1055R features dual parallel-connected twin transformers with vastly improved characteristics in the magnetic and coiled wire circuits. The transformers have also been “leakage canceling” (L.C.) mounted in order to eliminate mutual interference caused by magnetic fields and other factors
   As a result, leakage flux from the power transformers, a potential source of noise, is suppressed to a minimum, enabling the PMA-1055R’s power supply section to supply clean, high-quality DC energy to the output stages

   Rectifier Circuit Supporting High Speed, Large Current :
   Schottky barrier diodes, developed for high-frequency rectification, have been connected in parallel in order to convert alternating current from the power transformer into direct current for the amp section. The low noise at high-speed operation and the superior large-current characteristics of this rectifier circuit result in high speed, low loss and low noise for the power circuit. The reproduced sound is thus powerful with negligible noise
   Supports A Wide Variety of Next-Generation Sound Sources :
   The volume and tone controls and the power amp circuit have been redesigned to further suppress noise inside the amp, provide greater resolution, and expand the frequency band so that the tremendous dynamism of DVD-Audio, SACD, and other next-generation audio will come alive
   Independent Power Transformer for Microprocessor :
   Separate power transformers are used for the microprocessor circuitry and the audio circuitry in order to minimize power consumption during remote power OFF standby mode and promote environmentally friendly performance. Not only is power consumption reduced during standby, sound quality is improved as well by eliminating noise-inducing interference on the audio circuitry
   Microprocessor Stop Mode to Further Improve Sound Quality :
   When control by the microprocessor is not needed during listening sessions or other times, the Microprocessor Stop mode suspends all microprocessor operations. During normal listening sessions, microprocessor clock oscillation stops and adverse effects of noise on the audio signal are eliminated to produce a cleaner sound
   Every Detail of The Design Devoted to High-Quality Sound :
   The relay switch used for CD and PHONO input contains an inert gas to prevent the occurrence of noise that can negatively affect the signal. In addition, highly reliable parts strictly selected for their contribution to sound quality, such as the large-capacity block capacitor for the power supply circuit, high-quality sound carbon resistors, and high-quality sound capacitors, are also used
   Each individual part employed in configuring the circuits reflect this emphasis on high sound quality

   Circuit Design Devoted to Full Musical Enjoyment :
   The design of the PMA-1055R’s audio circuitry features a simple signal line layout to ensure that the signal remains pure, a Tone control to adjust sound quality as desired, and a Source Direct switch to route the signal over the shortest distance from input to output, providing the most faithful reproduction of the recorded music
   REC OUT Selector for Flexible Enjoyment of Music :
   Background recording, such as from a CD to an MD while listening to the radio, is possible with the PMA-1055R’s REC OUT Selector. Monitoring is also possible with any deck containing 3 heads
   PRE OUT Terminals for Future System Expansion :
   The PMA-1055R is equipped with PRE OUT terminals that permit a variety of possibilities for future system expansion, such as using the integrated amp as a power amp with high output power, or adding a subwoofer
   PHONO Equalizer Amp (MM), Permitting Connection of An Analogue Turntable :
   Versatile System-Wide Remote Controller :
   The remote controller provided with the PMA-1055R controls the main volume, switches functions, mutes the sound, and operates remote power ON/OFF. Since this is a system-wide commander, it can be used to control a DENON CD player, MD recorder, tuner, and cassette deck as well, however this unit does not have a remote
   • A Wealth of Input and Output Terminals That Flexibly Accommodate The Building of A Custom System
   • Gold-Plated Input/Output Terminals
   • Large Speaker Terminals

   Remote control RC-843 included

Specifications :
  -:®:-   Vintage : 2003 to 2006 model
  -:®:-   Speakers : A, B, A + B  front switching
  -:®:-   Power rating x 2 : 65W RMS at 8 ohms, 120W at 4 ohms
  -:®:-   Source Direct : for tone controls bypass
  -:®:-   Phono : MM moving magnet
  -:®:-   Dimensions [W x H x D] : 435 x 160 x 353mm
  -:®:-   Weight : 9.9kg  - packed ~ 11.5kg

   SOLD October 2016 on trademe  to North Shore


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