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SOLD items 2016 archive 2 product details : 
Technics  SB-G600
front  speakers  - 3rd pair

Technics  SB-G600  front  speakers  front  view
Technics  SB-G600  speaker drivers
Technics  SB-G600  drivers  closeup
Technics  SB-G600  backs  view
Technics  SB-G600  left  profile
Technics  SB-G600  size  scale  - grilles on
   SOLD August 2016 on trademe  to North Shore
S/Ns: 23761 / 23763
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 Technics  SB-G600 [3rd pair]  front speakers - redwood :                    
   The G600s feature the Superbass white woofer,  and square midrange and tweeter drivers and plastic waveguide tweeter grilles

   At F&P we performed listening tests as part of the manufacturing process. If there was a crossover fault, or an out-of-phase speaker connection, or any minor fault, then this would easily be detected by listening or from the printed speaker response graphs. Bass is the strong point of this design - the woofer is light and springy which gives fast bass response and with twin ports there is ample room coupling

   Placement is important to avoid boominess - just raise the speakers off the floor : 6 to 10 inches [20cm]

   Sound quality is very involving and immediate without being too squawky - this tells you that the crossover and woofer / mid / tweeter transitions are well controlled
   By that we mean that the various crossovercomponents divide the sound spectrum to each speaker without undue phase shifts and correctly for each drivercharacteristic

   The walnut veneer cabinets are light as well - but don't be fooled though - this model is springy, efficient and yet can take 150W input power for a nominal 70W RMS rating

   Speakers tested OK, one tweeter replaced with SB-1410 type,  cosmetic vinyl repair and painting, now passed final testing

Specifications :
  -:®:-   White Superbass 12" woofer
   -:®:-   One tweeter substituted with SB-1410 type,  both have tweeter diffuser guide
  -:®:-   Redwood veneer
  -:®:-   70W RMS power with 150W maximum
  -:®:-   90 dB / 1W efficiency

   SOLD August 2016 on trademe  to North Shore


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