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SOLD items 2020 archive 2 product details :

7.2  ht  receiver  - 1st unit
Sony  STR-DN1050  7.2  ht receiver  :  web image #1  - includes RM-AAU189 remote controller
Sony  STR-DN1050  ht receiver  :  web image #2
Sony  STR-DN1050  7.2  ht receiver  :  image #3
Sony  STR-DN10507.2  ht receiver  :  web image #4  - back  view
Sony  STR-DN1050  7.2  ht receiver  :  image 5
Sony  STR-DN1050  7.2  ht receiver  :  image #6
   SOLD December 2020 from Oldies but Goodies selection, to  Half Moon Bay, Auckland
S/N: 3301526  remote: RM-AAU189
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     Sony  STR-DN1050  7.2  ht receiver - black :
   What HiFi review 2014 :
   Product of the Year, Awards 2014.  A seriously good amp that balances muscle and subtlety with stacks of features at a great price.  Sony raises the bar once again

   If you want to blow away some cobwebs though, this amp can take it. Nudge the volume up and it becomes more impressive still, enveloping you in a sound that is bigger, fuller and dynamically richer
   You might notice the occasional touch of brightness in the treble at these levels, but nothing that becomes annoying or tiring — this amp is endlessly listenable
   Just as it performs with the blockbuster content, so it does with dialogue and more subtle sound effects, proving itself to be one of the most detailed amps we ve tested at this price
   Voices are crisp and textured, clarity is second to none and sound placement is spot on, putting you at the centre of the action in a very natural but impactful way
   It’s a lot of what we loved in the 1040, but bigger and more refined, particularly when it comes to detail and clarity across the frequency range
   It’s these subtle tweaks across the board that all add up to an impressive performance indeed

   Feature additions are more obvious, and you can now count on aptX Bluetooth being on board, DSD playback via wi-fi and USB (previously only via HDMI) and NFC for one-touch pairing with compatible devices
   There’s also an extra MHL (mobile high-definition link) connection, so you can use one for big-screening video and apps from mobile devices, while keeping the other free for a Chromecast, for example
   Inputs are largely the same as last year, with six HDMI inputs with 4K upscaling and 3D/4K passthrough, and three out
   There are also four sets of inputs for analogue audio, three for composite video, one coaxial and two optical — though how long we’ll see these on receivers at this price is up for debate
   One of the HDMI outs goes towards the 1050’s fairly extensive second-zone features, outputting any HDMI source independently from the main zone as well as offering active and passive zone outs for network and USB audio (which supports up to 24-bit/192KHz) and Bluetooth
   No matter which way you choose to listen to music, we found all methods to be quick to connect and easy to use. Like the 850, the 1050 has a real charm with music, holding together well in stereo for a rhythmic, musical performance
   Switch up to a CD and it’s a fuller and richer sound, with improved precision and dynamics over streamed content. There’s certainly less of a bright edge here than we found in the 850, with the weightier character of the 1050 able to resonate into its stereo performance too without overpowering the overall balance and timing
   The Songpal app is new this year and a worthwhile download

   You are able to connect via Bluetooth for controlling music services, but connect via wi-fi (which you can actually set up via the app if you skipped it in the Easy Setup) and you’ll have the ability to change sources and tweak EQ settings for each one
   It s not as in depth as some control apps, like those from Yamaha or Pioneer, but it is easy to use and delivers the functionality that most people will need

   Verdict :
   Following the success of the STR-DN1040 was never going to be an easy task, but Sony has undoubtedly managed it, packing in features to the 1050 that we missed last year and refining an already-excellent performance to make it even better
   Sony has raised the bar once again for the competitive ht receiver market — how high can the competition jump ?

Specifications :
   • Vintage : 2014 model
   • 120W RMS per channel (6ohms, 1kHz, 2ch driven, 1% THD)
   • High-resolution audio playback via DLNA or USB storage
   • Bluetooth and One-touch NFC music streaming
   • Built-in Wi-Fi for DLNA, Airplay and internet music services
   • 4K up-scaling
   • 2nd zone audio and video

  -:®:-    Receiver : Amp Channel: at 6ohms 20Hz to 20kHz: 100 + 100W with THD: 0.09%
  -:®:-    Analog Direct: Yes,  Bi-Amp: Yes
  -:®:-    Equalizer (Front/Centre/Surround/Surround Back/Front High): Yes/Yes/Yes/Yes/Yes Bass, Treble
  -:®:-    Speaker Selector : A / B /A+B / OFF
  -:®:-    Speaker Terminal : Screw
  -:®:-    Headphone Out : Yes (Gold)

  -:®:-    Connectivity : HDMI input: 6 (1 in front),  Component Video input: 2,  Composite input: 2,  Optical: 2,  Coaxial: 1
  -:®:-    Analogue Audio in: 4,  USB: 1 (iPhone/WM via USB)
  -:®:-    USB support formats: MP3, AAC, WMA, WAV 192k, FLAC 192k, ALAC, AIFF, DSD (2.8Mhz)
  -:®:-    MHL: 1,  Ethernet: 1,  HDMI output: 3,  Composite Monitor Out: 1,  Component Monitor Out: 1,  Headphone out: Yes,  Pre-out (subwoofer): 2

  -:®:-    Sound Decoding Format / Sound Field : DSD: Yes (HDMI/DLNA/USB Storage),  LPCM 192 kHz / 24 bit: Yes (PCM)
  -:®:-    LPCM 96 kHz / 24 bit: Yes (PCM),  DTS HD MA/ DTS HD HR: Yes/Yes,  Dolby True HD/Dolby Digital Plus: Yes/Yes
  -:®:-    DTS / DTS-ES MATRIX 6.1/DTS-ES DISCRETE 6.1: Yes/Yes/Yes,  DTS 96/24: Yes,  Dolby Prologic/II/Iix: Yes/Yes/Yes,  Dolby Dual Mono: Yes
  -:®:-    2ch: Yes,  Analog Direct: Yes,  A.F.D. (Auto Format Direct): Yes,  Multi Stereo: Yes,  HD Digital Cinema Sound: Yes
  -:®:-    PLII Movie: Yes,  PLIIx Movie: Yes,  Neo: 6 Cinema: Yes,  Concert Hall sound mapping: Yes (Berlin Philharmonic, Concertgebouw, Musikverein)
  -:®:-    Jazz Club: Yes,  Live Concert: Yes,  Stadium: Yes,  Sports: Yes,  Portable Audio Enhancer: Yes
  -:®:-    PLII Music: Yes,  PLIIx Music: Yes,  Neo: 6 Music: Yes,  Digital Legato Linear: Yes,  Advanced auto volume: Yes
  -:®:-    Centre speaker lift up: Yes,  A/V Sync: Yes (variable)

  -:®:-    HDMI Quality & Video features : 1080p: Yes,  1080/24p: Yes,  Deep Colour: Yes,  Triluminous Colour: Yes,  Video up-scaler: Yes (4K)
  -:®:-    Video up-converter: Yes (analog to HDMI),  3D over HDMI: Yes,  Audio Return Channel: Yes,  Audio Widget: Yes,  BRAVIA Sync (CEC Control): Yes
  -:®:-    Tuner : Preset Channel (FM/AM): FM 30/AM 30,  Station Name: Yes,  Auto Tuning: Yes,  Direct Tuning: Yes
  -:®:-    Multi Room : 2nd zone audio: Speaker (variable) / Line (variable, fixed),  2nd zone video: HDMI,  Multi zone volume control: Yes,  Multi zone line out level control: Yes
  -:®:-    Networking : Bluetooth: Yes,  NFC: Yes,  Built-in Wi-Fi: Yes,  DLNA Music Streaming: Yes
  -:®:-    Internet Music Services : Spotify Connected,  Tunein,  Music Unlimited,  Airplay streaming: Yes
  -:®:-    Music decoding format for : DLNA WAV, MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC, ALAC, AIFF, DSD
  -:®:-    Mobile application : Song Pal, TV sideview

General :
  -:®:-    Auto Room Tuning Mic : Advanced D.C.A.C.,  Auto Phase Matching: Yes,  GUI: Advanced GUI,  Sleep Timer: Yes (up to 2 hours)
  -:®:-    Power Requirements : 220 to 240 AC, 50Hz    -:®:-    Power Consumption : 240W
  -:®:-    Dimensions [W x H x D]: 430 x 172 x 329mm
  -:®:-    Weight : 10.0kg,  packed ~ 11.5kg

   SOLD December 2020 from Oldies but Goodies selection, to  Half Moon Bay, Auckland


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