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SOLD items 2021 archive 2 product details : 
  NAD  C 515BEE
cd  player  - 1st unit
NAD  C 515BEE  cd  player  :  front  view
NAD  C 515BEE  cd  player  :  rright  profile
NAD  C 515BEE  cd  player  :  controls  and  display  closeup
NAD  C 515BEE  cd  player  :  back  view
NAD  C 515BEE  cd  player  :  left  profile
NAD  C 515BEE  cd  player  :  size  scale
   SOLD October 2021 on  trademe  to Takaka
S/N: A8XC515BEEQ101826  remote: CD 7
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    NAD  C 515BEE  [1st unit]  cd  player  - dark  grey :

   Description and Features :
   NAD has a well deserved reputation for producing some the best performing CD Players in the world
   From the mighty Masters Series M5 to the many variations of the C520 and C540 series of CD Players over the years, NAD has amassed a stack of 5 star reviews, Best Buy Recommendations and industry awards
   Not only is the engineering and performance at world-class levels, NAD always finds a way to make this performance available at a remarkably low price
   So when NAD announces a new lower priced CD player it has to be something really special. The C 515BEE is truly a breakthrough in both performance and value, perfectly matching the recently introduced C 315BEE integrated amplifier

   Features :
   The C515BEE is fully featured with a complete roster of disc navigation and control functions
   The expected Skip, search, pause and play functions are present as well as some more advanced features that appeal to the serious music lover
   The ability to easily program the C 515BEE to playback only the desired tracks on a CD allows the user to customize playback
   Repeat and Repeat A-B are favorite features of musicians allowing careful study of any given musical passage. The display can be toggled through different modes to show total playback time, time remaining and time per track as well as any programmed function
   The C 515BEE also supports the playback of MP3 and WMA files, using the latest and best sounding decompression algorithms. This allows the playback of CD-Rs burned on a PC with up to 10 hours of playback encoded on one disc
   Of course the superb NAD D/A conversion and analogue amplification stages assure the maximum possible sound quality for compressed music files

   Performance :
   Despite the budget price, a full measure of NAD performance is at the core of the C 515BEE
   Carefully engineered circuit layouts maximize the performance of each carefully selected part assuring the lowest noise and distortion possible
   Multiple regulated low noise power supply circuits and individual circuit boards make sure that the delicate digital audio circuitry is well isolated form motor and display demands
   Analogue and digital circuits each have their own isolated supplies. Every element of the C 515BEE’s circuit is carefully chosen, from the transport to the 24 bit/192kHz D/A conversion to the audio specific analog OP Amps
   Capacitor values and types are critical to maintain the detail, dynamics and musical warmth of your favorite recordings, and NAD’s vast experience in this area shows a nearly perfect musical balance

   Conclusion :
   While other manufacturers spend your money on fancy casework and colorful displays, NAD focuses strictly on what makes a CD Player perform its basic function of playing CDs with the maximum performance and musicality

   Main points :
   •  Plays CD, CD-R/W
   •  Decodes MP3 and WMA files copied to CD-R for up to 10 hours of continuous play
   •  24/192 Sigma/Delta D/A converters are chosen for low noise and excellent linearity
   •  Audio specific OP Amps assure accurate musical sound
   •  Carefully chosen capacitors and other passive components with close tolerances for critical circuits
   •  Full function remote control
   •  Repeat function for 1 song, 1 disc, or A-B repeat
   •  Program play with direct access from the remote control
   •  Forward and reverse skip and search function
   •  Informative VFD display gives complete information about tracks and time
   •  Display dimmer function
   •  Digital outs : Coaxial and Optical digital outputs

Specifications :
  -:®:-   Vintage : 2009 model
  -:®:-   Signal to Noise ratio [1kHz, A-weighted]: 110dB
  -:®:-   Frequency response [20Hz to 20kHz] : ref 0dB [+0.5dB]
  -:®:-   Channel balance : 0.5dB [ref 0dB, 1kHz]
  -:®:-   Channel separation : 95dB [1kHz, 10kHz]
  -:®:-   Total Harmonic distortion : < 0.003%
  -:®:-   Dynamic range : 95db
  -:®:-   Output level : 2.2V
  -:®:-   Dimensions [W x H x D] : 435 x 60 x 241mm
  -:®:-   Weight : 4.7kg    packed: ~ 6.5kg

   SOLD October 2021 on  trademe  to Takaka


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