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Oldies but Goodies product details : 

KEF  CS1A kit
stand  speakers - 1st pair
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KEF  CS1A kit  stand  speakers  :  front  view
KEF  CS1A kit  stand  speakers  :  right  top  view
KEF  CS1A kit  stand  speakers  :  drivers  closeup
KEF  CS1A kit  stand  speakers  :  backs  view
KEF  CS1A kit  stand  speakers  :  left  profile
KEF  CS1A kit  stand  speakers  :  size  scale
   For sale now on trademe 
S/Ns: none
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                 KEF  CS1A kit  [1st pair]  stand   speakers  - teak :
Review :
   HiFi Review of Reference 101 for CS1A:

   Though it is very tiny, only one-tenth the volume of the KEF Model 105, there is evidence that this speaker has received the same attention by its designers. Indeed the problems of designing a high quality speaker of small dimensions are greater than for a large one. The two KEF drive units are computer matched to each other within 0.5dB. They are housed in a very strong 6.7 litre cabinet veneered on all sides, including the front, which is normally covered by a framed grille of acoustically transparent cloth
   Connections are via spring-loaded push-in terminals with tweeter protection 1.25A fuse
   In practice, while we found the KEF Model 101 to be of below average efficiency, we could not reach overload conditions without raising the amplifier output to a level at which acoustic power was well-nigh deafening
   So we suggest an amplifier of at least 20 watts rating, with 50watts programme rating, use amplifiers up to 100W. Directional spread was smooth and consistent in all planes, which we regard as a very good feature, making positioning uncritical-though KEF suggest the speakers should be about 1 metre above the floor. The white noise test revealed unusually smooth performance over the whole middle and upper register. Extreme bass was less well defined than with our larger control systems, as might be expected, and the slight colouration accompanying this clouding at the bottom end could be distinguished on both music and speech- though the guitar was reproduced with great realism
   On extended listening, the virtues of this speaker became more and more apparent, and it was preferred to many much larger systems at the same price or higher.

Specifications :
  -:®:-   Vintage : 1979 to 1986 model
  -:®:-   Design : 2-way, sealed box, bookshelf / stand mount
  -:®:-   Drivers : B110 bass unit (SP1057),  T27 tweeter (SP1032)
  -:®:-   Programme rating : 50W
  -:®:-   Power rating : recommended amplifier range : 20W to 100W at 8ohms
  -:®:-   Sensitivity : 81dB / 1W / 1m
  -:®:-   Frequency response : 85Hz to 30kHz  [±3dB] at 2m
  -:®:-   Impedance : nominal 8 ohms
  -:®:-   Crossover: SP2014
  -:®:-   Maximum output : 98dB on programme peaks under typical listening conditions
  -:®:-   Dimensions [W x H x D]: 203 x 320 x 237mm (7.95 x 12.59 x 9.33 inches)
  -:®:-   Weight : 6.0kg  - packed 14kg both in one box

   For sale now on trademe  auction # 4677409783 ending Wednesday May 1st 6:58pm

Aramex couriers : packing $5,  Rural add $6,
   each extra 5kg :  add $6.00 NI, $11.80 SI

Auckland @ $8.75 $48

North Island @ $13.40 $74

South Island: < 2kg @ $6.95  NA 

South Island: 2 x 25kg @ $24.30 $112

Payment options :

   CASH on delivery by arrangement : Northland, Auckland buyers

   By  bank payment : 12-3061-0161709-00   ASB   name: N R PARKIN

   By credit card :   Use    option on
   By email with secure     PayPal  payment : select the  Pay using PayPal  website link
ParcelPost :    Not offered


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