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Oldies but Goodies product details : 

Wharfedale  VARDUS  VR-100
stand speakers  - 1st pair

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Wharfedale VR-100   speakers  :  front  view  - grilles off
Wharfedale VR-100   speakers  :  right  profile
Wharfedale VR-100   speakers  :  top  drivers  closeup
Wharfedale VR-100   speakers  :  backs  view
Wharfedale VR-100   speakers  :  left  profile
Wharfedale VR-100   speakers  :  size  scale
   For sale now on trademe 
S/Ns: VR1000405A / B
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     Wharfedale   VR-100  2-way stand speakers - black :

Description :
   Wharfedale  VARDUS VR-100  3.5-way speakers from 2008 :
   Wharfedale enjoys a superlative reputation for producing high sensitivity dynamic loudspeakers
   Since the famous Vardus series, which remained in production nearly 15 years, this market has delivered high volume sales and introduced generation after generation of music enthusiasts to the benefits of genuine hi-fi
   The new Wharfedale Vardus range is a “ground-up” reinvention of the category, introducing a stylish new aesthetic and a new generation of drivers
   Elliptical polymer bass drivers and quadruple wound voice-coils deliver incredible impact and control working alongside the new trapezoidal cabinet profiles for sublimely clean uncoloured bass and mid-range frequencies
   For the first time in this category, an audiophile grade textile soft-dome tweeter is employed for the high frequencies, at home in the bedroom, lounge or even a complete home cinema
   The new Wharfedale Vardus VR-100 floorstanding speaker is also finished to a remarkable standard. A new rage of vinyl finishes introduced for 2008 complement the latest trends in interior d├ęcor
   The Wharfedale Vardus VR-100 floorstanding speakers are available in the full choice of colours : Blackwood for this model, Rosewood, Cherry and Walnut
   The new Wharfedale Vardus VR-100 floorstanding speakers are the flagship pair of speakers in this new Wharfedale Vardus range, boasting a much larger cabinet but still at an affordable price
   The Wharfedale Vardus VR-100 versatility makes it ideal for virtually any set-up with its recommended amplifier power ranging from 10 to 100 Watts

   • Elliptical polymer bass drivers and quadruple wound voice-coils
   • Sublimely clean uncoloured bass and mid-range frequencies
   • Finished to a remarkable standard

Specifications :
  -:®:-   Vintage : 2008 model
  -:®:-   Type : 2-way sealed box design
  -:®:-   Power rating : for amplifiers 10W to 100watts
  -:®:-   Sensitivity : 87dB / 1watt / 1m
  -:®:-   Impedance : 6ohms nominal
  -:®:-   Frequency response [-6dB] : 60Hz to 20KHz
  -:®:-   Drivers : 1 x 150mm ABR / Bass unit,   1 x 25mm tweeter
  -:®:-   Dimensions [W x H x D] : 224 x 365 x 255mm
  -:®:-   Weight : 7kg  packed ~ 9kg each,  packed ~ 16kg

   For sale now on trademe  auction # 4677402593 ending Wednesday May 1st 6:52pm

Fastway couriers : packing $5,  Rural add $6,
   each extra 5kg :  add $6.00 NI, $11.80 SI

Auckland @ $8.75 $48

North Island @ $13.40 $74

South Island: < 2kg @ $6.95  NA 

South Island: 2 x 25kg @ $24.30 $112

Payment options :

   CASH on delivery by arrangement : Northland, Auckland buyers

   By  bank payment : 12-3061-0161709-00   ASB   name: N R PARKIN

   By credit card :   Use    option on
   By email with secure     PayPal  payment : select the  Pay using PayPal  website link
ParcelPost :    Not offered


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