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This is a brief description of my personal interests and audio video experience :

Noel Parkin's interests lie in three main areas :

 1 ]  academic studies
After high school, I studied mathematics and physics at Auckland University. I retain my interest in science and technology which applies directly to NRPavs audio video services.

I am now some ten years into writing a book on Life, the Universe and Everything - you know, the big one . . . mainly it is one topic : the physical basis for habits and memory within Nature :
Key chapter topics are quantum field theory, quantum information theory, Life on Earth, aspects of evolution, DNA and cell replication, fashion and coaching, language learning etc : all are examples of non-local effects in Nature.

The book takes the ideas of Rupert Sheldrake's morphic resonance and supposes them to be true. I am then trying to understand, describe, and explain how Nature's memory process works, or at the least to show that this form of self-organizing is inherent in the universe using mathematics, physics, quantum information theory as well as common sense examples.

 2 ]  hockey and sports
I have played hockey competitively for 40 years and enjoyed friendships around New Zealand, Australia and Europe. Other sports I enjoy include surfing, fishing, swimming, tramping etc which required locating this company handy to Northland's water sports paradise and in a native bush setting.

Three Parkin hockey Masters

I have been involved in sports coaching, umpiring and administration and value contacts made with others who enjoy helping young people achieve their full potential within the bounds of good sportsmanship and also to mature as healthy people. My involvement in hockey has at times worked as a support to study work and sometimes it has dragged me away from a more academic lifestyle - a bit like music :

 3 ]  audio, music and live concerts
I guess the reason for this website and this company is my love of live music, home theatre and quality audio gear. I have always been fascinated by our ability to reproduce recorded music and video - and as well the aspect of the degree of fidelity in this process. So, if you are say listening to music, you might be able ignore some negative aspects of the sound quality in favour of the emotion and just to let the music experience affect you. There can be always be some enjoyment regardless of audio quality, it just seems that there is noticeably more enjoyment with each level of better equipment. Nothing matches that live sound experience, but we can all enjoy over and over again performances and our favourite music using the "right" equipment.

Midge plays to fans in the water Devonport 82ish

There is some electronics background info on the NRPavs services page, but like most people, my personal interest in audio was from teenage years - listening to my older brother's first few LPs on an old valve radiogram at home :


As I started university, an essential bit of gear was my personal stereo and attending parties and live events in the Big Smoke of Auckland fed that musical interest. My work after graduation was as a technician at Fisher & Paykel where particularly testing and making loudspeakers was my main focus. My friends were electronic enthusiasts who made amplifiers and tinkered with V8 cars. This is all typical Kiwi stuff - we naturally think we can take things apart, improve or restore them and if we need to, apply those skills to new inventions. In this process you often get an appreciation of the design and build quality of certain brands. I try to select and offer for customers equipment that I personally know is good or that I have tried out myself.

Testing at F&P early 80s

After so many years in production and hifi sales you get to know what it takes to make something musical, efficient, long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing. There is always personal taste to add in as well, so we will respond to requests for new items with three procurement choices in a pdf quotation. If some unique solution is required, then I can usually adapt or design something to do the job - or else, I can access my contacts and they can help. Below are a couple of NRP efforts from about 1988 :

kauri glass top subwoofer               

I also find that after some six months or so, I will often feel like replacement or a change. This applies even more so now with home theatre requiring multiple speakers - with the placement problem - and the ever quicker cycles of new technology. Part of my function for NRPavs is to always look ahead to new advances and clever ways to solve media portability, connection or construction problems. The time ahead will be one of rapid change, integration of devices with the internet, wireless everything and more music and video than you can eat !

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