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JBL  Control1
front   speakers
JBL  Control1  speakers  :  drivers  view
JBL   Control1  speakers  :  grilles on,  off
JBL  Control1  speakers  :  drivers  closeup
JBL   Control1 speakers  :  web image #4
JBL  Control1 speakers  :  top  view
JBL   Control1 speaker  :  size  scale
   SOLD February 2015 on trademe  to Tauranga
 S/Ns: T342-025385A / B
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    JBL   Control 1   rear loudspeakers - black :
   Developed for superb sound reproduction in a variety of home applications, the JBL Control One Monitor Bookshelf Loudspeakers with mounting brackets will deliver great sound wherever you need it
   The speakers can be used as front or surround speakers in a home theater or music system, in a home recording studio, or in a multiple-room home music system
   For applications where wall mounting is desired, the speakers come with matching wall brackets
   The rugged, compact enclosures feature a 4" woofer and a 1/2" titanium laminate tweeter for a smooth frequency response of 50Hz to 20kHz. The speakers offer a peak power-handling capacity of 200W
   In addition, the monitors include magnetic shielding to prevent interference with your TV or computer display. The speakers come in a black finish with matching grille
   If you need compact, great-sounding speakers where accurate, full-range audio is required, these JBL bookshelf speakers hit the right notes
   2-Way Speaker Configuration : Due to its 2-way speaker design and quality cones, this speaker reproduces a wide range of frequencies for realistic imaging,br>    200W Peak Power Handling : The speakers offer a peak power-handling capacity of 200W, ensuring distortion-free reproduction of your favorite music
   Wide Frequency Response : With a frequency response of 50Hz to 20kHz, the Control One monitor reproduces the full range of sound from deep bass tones to ultra-high frequencies
   Magnetically Shielded : This speaker's two drivers are magnetically shielded for safe placement near your TV or monitor
   Mounting Brackets Included : For ease of installation where wall mounting is desired, the package includes a pair of wall brackets

Specifications :
  -:®:-    1986 to 1988 vintage compact 2-way surround monitor
  -:®:-    Power rating : 50watts RMS, up to 200W peak
  -:®:-    Maximum amplifier power : 100W
  -:®:-    Nominal Impedance : 8ohms
  -:®:-    Bass / midrange : 4inch [100mm] cone
  -:®:-    Tweeter : 5/32 inch [12mm] Titanium laminate
  -:®:-    Frequency response : 80Hz to 20kHz
  -:®:-    Sensitivity : 89dB [1 watt / 1m]
  -:®:-    Dimensions [H x W x D]: 228 x 155 x 139mm
  -:®:-    Weight : 2.4kg each  - 7kg both packed

   SOLD February 2015 on trademe  to Tauranga


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