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SOLD items 2015 archive 1 product details : 
JBL  PS120
JBL  PS120  subwoofer  :  image #1
JBL   PS120  subwoofer  :  top  view #2
JBL  PS120  subwoofer  :  left  profile
JBL   PS120  subwoofer  :  back  view
JBL  PS120  subwoofer  :  top  view #5
JBL   PS120  subwoofer  :  size  scale
   SOLD April 2015 on trademe  to Auckland
 S/N: NB8600017 N
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    JBL   PS120   subwoofer - black / grey :

   Early 1990s  100 Watt  12″ driver with angled front baffle shape and two-tone grey / black colour
   Has auto signal sensor and auto turn-off for reliable operation, features as below :

   Big bass, very small box :  Active equalisaion circuitry deliversoutstanding bass response by electric compensation [EQ-ing] to extend the low frequency bass response beyond the limits of a small enclosure

   ALC circuit to protect the driver :  Automated Level Control is incorporated to regulate the maximum voltage to the speaker, this prevents the driver from being damaged ensuring years of reliable service

   Adjustable crossover frequency and output level :  Allows a prefect tonal match to your other speakers

   Magnetic shielding :  Can be placed anywhere in your room

   Polarity switch :  Allows normal and reverse polarity for proper acoustic summation of your system regardless of subwoofer placement

   Inputs :  Line and speaker level inputs allow easy integration and flexible connection into your system

   User friendly auto off and on :  Signal sensing auto-off and auto turn-on automatically puts the amplifier into standby mode, effectively turning the subwoofer off or on, so you don't have to

   Relaibility :  The PS series circuitry is designed to survive common setup errors that sometimes occur
   The PS models will accept switching of the polarity at full volume from signal source or amplifier
   PS models will tolerate, although not recommended, to have one channel speaker line level input and one channel speaker level input simulataneously
   It can even tolerate such common input connections with reversed polarity of one of them

   Multi-colour LED :
   Red  signifies standby mode when the subwoofer is not receiving any signal source. Note : the maplifer will go into the standby mode after a period of 3 to 5 minutes of no signal
   Green    signifies that it is receving signal and the amplifer is on
   Amber   signifies the protection mode : this will occur briefly when the PS120 subwoofer's amplifier is switched on while the signal is being sent from the signal source receiver or amplifier
   It remains lit in this case for about 8 seconds

Specifications :
  -:®:-    Vintage : 1993 model
  -:®:-    Power rating : 100Watts
  -:®:-    Driver : 12″ [250mm] high polymer laminate cone
  -:®:-    Voice coil diamter : 2″ [5mm]
  -:®:-    Crossover frequency : variable 50 to 200Hz
  -:®:-    Frequency response [-6dB] : 23Hz to variable 62Hz up to 250Hz
  -:®:-    Inputs : line level from home theatre subwoofewr out and speaker level
  -:®:-    Dimensions [W x H x D]: 489 x 387 x 251mm
  -:®:-    Weight : 18kg  - packed 20kg

   SOLD April 2015 on trademe  to St Heliers, Auckland


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