NRPavs   SOLD items 2015 archive 1 Trash  can  subwoofer   details
SOLD items 2015 archive 1 product details :

Trash  can  subwoofer
Trash can subwoofer  :  down-firing woofer
Trash can subwoofer  : 
Trash can subwoofer  :  amplifier mounting improved
Trash can subwoofer  :  amplifier cover on
Trash can subwoofer  :  input and power connections
Trash can subwoofer  :  amplifier cover on
   SOLD May 2015 on trademe  to Upper Hutt
S/N: none  :  totally custom design
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     Custom designed  Trash can subwoofer
   A completely original and artistic design - removable top connections cover, down-firing special size Audax driver, vented subwoofer
   Connect inputs and power cable, set levels, crossover frequency, phase and the on / off or auto signal setting
   Wavefront come out from the bottom slots in the box panels

Features :
 -:®:-   Original circular design, furniture oiled finish, down-firing driver
 -:®:-   Amplifier : Cerwin Vega LW-10X
 -:®:-   Concealed connections cavity with cover
 -:®:-   Dimensions [H x W x D]: 600 x 470mm diameter
 -:®:-   Weight : ~ 17kg,  18.5kg packed

   SOLD May 2015 on trademe  to Upper Hutt


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