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SOLD items 2010 archive 2 product details : 
  Onkyo  T-4310R
stereo  AM / FM  tuner
Onkyo  T-4310R  stereo  AM / FM  tuner  :  display closeup
Onkyo  T-4310R  stereo  AM / FM  tuner  :  right  profile
Onkyo  T-4310R  stereo tuner  :  upward  view
Onkyo  T-4310R  stereo tuner  :  back view
Onkyo  T-4310R  stereo tuner  :  controls  closeup
Onkyo  T-4310R  stereo tuner  :  memory  presets  closeup
Onkyo  T-4310R  stereo tuner  :  specifications  scan
Onkyo  T-4310R  stereo tuner  :  size  scale
   SOLD October 2010 by selection from Oldies but Goodies, to Timaru
S/N: 3511023462
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            Onkyo  T-4310R stereo AM / FM tuner - black
Features :
   High sensitivity, excellent sound quality tuner with green digits fluorescent display, DX mode, RDS capable

Tuner Center info :
A little lightweight black digital synthesizer tuner with surprisingly decent sound and excellent sensitivity and selectivity. The T-4310R has 4 ceramic filters, two of which have a narrow 150 kHz bandwidth that should satisfy all but hardcore FM DXers. It tunes in 0.025 MHz increments, allowing for detuning to escape interference from a strong adjacent channel station. As the R in its model number indicates, the T-4310R has RDS [Radio Data System] capability as well. FM stations that broadcast an encoded RDS signal give DXers the ability to identify them without having to wait for the call letters to be announced. The T-4310R was a recommended component in Stereophile despite (or perhaps partly due to) its modest price. See how one T-4310R sounded compared to 81 of the top tuners on our Shootouts page [EF]:

Shootout #62 (posted 12/18/03): Kenwood L-02T vs Onkyo T-4310R Winner: L-02T
This Onkyo has a polite, pleasant sound and images well. The politeness extends into the bass, so we lose that excitement of the big dog's bark. The 4310R is considered a DX tuner, and owners should be able to search the dials for long periods with no fatigue. This machine can search in 250 kHz steps, which was useful in off-tuning 88.7 to get away from adjacent channel splatter from 88.5. At 88.7, both tuners were able to hold a stereo signal in narrow. The Onkyo had more steady background hiss than the L-02T, but the Kenwood had occasional distortion which was noticed on voice and music. With the L-02T fine-tuned and the Onkyo set at 88.725 and both set to wide mode, the Onkyo held a slightly quieter signal. The noise in wide came from the interference from 88.5. I would guess the L-02T has a "wider" wide allowing the more prominent noise from 88.5. The Onkyo has a display to boast of its DX / Local switching. The tuner chose about 50/50 between the two automatic settings on twelve stations tested. The Onkyo wasn't as aggressive as the L-02T in closing to mono with both tuners set to auto mode, but on these weaker signals, there was more background hiss than on the L-02T when the L-02T was manually switched to stereo mode. In the final results, the Onkyo impressed as a DX machine and didn't offend as a music machine. Winner? The L-02T.
   RANKED: 56th of 81 tested

Specifications :
  -:®:-   1995 vintage
  -:®:-   Frequency response [FM] : 30Hz to 15,000Hz [ +/- 1.5dB ]
  -:®:-   Tuning range : 87.50MHz to 108.00MHz [25kHZ or 50kHz steps ]
  -:®:-   Details on AM / FM specs - refer to the image above
  -:®:-   Dimensions [ W x H x D ] : 455 x 90 x 317mm
  -:®:-   Weight 3.9 kg - packed ~ 6kg

   SOLD October 2010 by selection from Oldies but Goodies, to Timaru


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