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Onehunga's HiFi specialists   Paul Turner's Onehunga Mall retail shop  and online audio website :
   home of fine HiFi products and fine advice
AudioMark speaker repairs Mark Brumby professional speaker repairs and restoration services
Cameron Philips Cabinetmaker Cameron Philips, professional cabinetmaker assists us with speakers design and produces high quality custom speaker boxes
PB  Technologies  Computers, media, peripherals - all your computer needs. This website was designed and implemented on a PB Technologies PC - the staff at PB Tech have been so very helpful in every regard for our company
  New Zealand's premium music trader as used extensively by NRPavs. You can click any Real Groovy link directly from our site for your music, dvd, games and clothing requirements
The Best Turntable - New York, USA  Turntables recommendations and information on care and use of turntables
Tahikaka Homestay and Olives  A romantic retreat located very near to NRPavs for homestay and local activities
  Andrew Blake's Anglers Anonymous professional fishing guide website
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