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Oldies but Goodies product details : 
  Marantz  SR7001
7.1 ht  receiver - 1st unit

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Marantz  SR7001  7.1  home theatre receiver  :  includes RC8001SR remote controller and operating manual
Marantz  SR7001  7.1  home theatre receiver  :  controls cover open
Marantz  SR7001  7.1  home theatre receiver  :  input connections
Marantz  SR7001  7.1  home theatre receiver  :  back  view
Marantz  SR7001  7.1  home theatre receiver  :  image #5
Marantz  SR7001  7.1  home theatre receiver  :  image #6
Marantz  SR7001  7.1  home theatre receiver  :  image #7
Marantz  SR7001  7.1  home theatre receiver  :  size  scale
S/N: MZ010638001085   rem RC8001SR   remote: RC8001SR
  Marantz  SR7001  7.1 home theatre receiver, 1st unit  specifications                         Back to NRPavs Home  
                Marantz   SR7001  7.1 home theatre receiver, 1st unit - silver :
   The SR7001 features THX Select2 certification and 110 watts of continuous power per channel (yes, 110 watts from each of its seven current-feedback amplifiers!)
   You can connect up to four HDMI equipped sources to the SR7001. The SR7001 comes complete with format conversion which lets you watch older videos through the super-convenient HDMI format, and there’s also a Second Zone audio/video output
   You’ll also find Dolby Virtual Speaker so you can enjoy an immersive surround experience with the dialog clarity inherent in a discrete center channel configuration with just two speakers
   The SR7001 features Audyssey’s remarkable Auto Calibration that examines your entire room to corrects for the acoustical problems that sometimes make those other seats, just as rewarding as the ones directly in front of your display device’s screen
   The SR7001 has an infrared input and two DC trigger outputs so you can coordinate your entire system for convenient remote operation. We’ve housed the SR7001 in a new, compact chassis, less than 407mm [16″] that will fit more easily into even the tightest spaces

Design Features :
   • Power rating : 110 watts [into 8 ohms] x 7 channel amplifiers
   • All discrete “Current Feedback” amplifier stages
   • THX Select2 certification
   • HDMI [V1.2] Repeating: 4-In / 1-Out
   • 32bit Digital Signal Processor
   • XM Ready with discrete IR commands
   • Decoding modes : Dolby Digital EX, Pro Logic IIx (Movie/Music/Game), DTS 96/24, ES (Discrete 6.1/Matrix6.1), Neo:6 (Cinema/Music), SRS Circle surround II
   • Audyssey Auto Calibration
   • Up-Conversion (w/TBC) to HDMI with 480I/480P converter
   • Dual Component Video outputs
   • 192 kHz/24-bit D/A converters for all channels
   • HDCD® Decoder
   • Dielectric Protected Binding Posts
   • Speaker A/B switching
   • 2nd Zone A/V output (Individual source) with discrete commands
   • Dolby Headphone
   • Lip sync. control
   • Assignable HD compatible component video switching [4 in / 2 out]
   • RS-232C terminal for system control
   • Direct IR Flasher Input
   • DC Trigger outputs x 2
   • D-BUS (RC-5 In/Out) remote connection
   • Front panel A/V/Optical inputs
   • Learning / pre-programmed backlit RC8001SR remote with LCD

Specifications :
  -:®:-   2006 model
  -:®:-   110 watts x 7  at 8 ohms [20Hz to 20kHz THD 0.08%]
  -:®:-   Colour : silver
  -:®:-   Radio station name input with  60 station presets
  -:®:-   Remote : Programmable RC8001R remote control - infrared
  -:®:-   Dimensions [W x H x D] : 440 x 184 x 396mm
  -:®:-   Weight : 15.0kg  - packed ~ 17kg

   For sale now by email at $650.00

Fastway couriers : packing $10,  Rural add $5,
   each extra 5kg :  add $6.00 NI, $23.00 SI

Auckland @ $7.50 $19

North Island @ $11.75 $29

South Island: < 5kg @ $12.75  NA

South Island: 17kg @ $20.55 $62

Payment options :

   CASH on delivery by arrangement : Northland, Auckland buyers

   By  bank payment : 12-3061-0161709-00   ASB   name: N R PARKIN

   pago : monty60
   By credit card :   Use   Pay Now  option on
trademe     or,
                   Use secure     PayPal  payment on our email money request

ParcelPost :    NOT  offered


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