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   Information and links for science images :

    CERN begins major upgrade to the Large Hadron Collider :

  Physics World June 15 2018
   Work has begun on a major upgrade to CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC) that will see the luminosity increase by a factor of 10

  The High Luminosity Large Hadron Collider (HL-LHC), which will be switched on by 2026, will enable the collider’s experiments to boost the amount of data they collect to improve the possibility of detecting new particles

  The HL-LHC’s components are expected to be ready in 2023 and installation will take around 30 months  The LHC will be turned off during that process

  Certain parts of the LHC ring will also be upgraded with new dipole magnets so that the LHC can handle the increase of luminosity

  “It’s a big upgrade and a good investment,” says Lucio Rossi, the Italian physicist who is HL-LHC project leader  : “It will double the lifetime of the LHC up to 2040”

   More info :   CERN begins major upgrade to the Large Hadron Collider

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  December 2018 :
     In December we will feature the mini system Yamaha CC-70W and are restoring quality equipment for our stock :
     including Denon DRA-345R 2nd, Yamaha R-8 receivers,  Wharfedale 512.2, Mirage M-490 and Mission 70mkI 2nd speakers


amplifiers & receivers :   Technics SU-V55A 2nd   Sony STR-DE875 1st
  Nikko NR-650 5th   Yamaha R-8

cd players :   Marantz CC-47 6th   Yamaha CDC-697 1st,  2nd   Denon DCD-600 1st
turntables :   Nikko NP-500II
tuners :   Rotel RT-850A 4th   Technics ST-G45A
systems :   Yamaha CC-70W
speakers :   NRP Studio 20 clone   Energy ESM-1s,  ESM-2   Celestion F35C
  Mirage M-190i,  M-490   Mission 70 mkII 3rd   Mordaunt-Short MS 3.10   Bose Studiocraft ST1000

subwoofers :   Chario Piccolo Star SW1


Grilles make or recover :   Mission 70mkI 2nd


amplifiers & receivers :   Mission 772  Rotel RB-1080   Denon DRA-345R 2nd

cd players :   Denon DCD-1015 3rd   NAD 5440 1st

speakers :    Wharfedale 512.2 2nd

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Customer  feedback :

The amp sounds great and I'm very grateful to you - music no longer grates on my ears. Once again your excellent service and communications and fast turnaround has impressed me and I really appreciate it
If you ever need a reference you can quote me on anything I've written but I suspect your customers are already pretty happy and word of mouth does all the marketing you need. Cheers for now Noel, but I suspect I will keep in touch at least with your website
  - Mark

The tape deck arrived well packaged, looks good, and sounds terrific. It′s a long time since I′ve heard a cassette sound so good, especially having sat in its case for up to 10 years!
I am very satisfied with the deck and your service with a pat on the back to your techies. Should any of my friends / colleagues be looking for good quality "golden oldies” equipment your name will be first on my list  : 

The DCD-1560 arrived today and I've got it up and running at this moment. Sounds great even when running natively and not through an external DAC. Thanks for packing it so well and shipping it promptly
I'm very pleased with both of the Denon players you've sent me. I've had the covers off both of them for a peak inside and they are both very clean and in excellent condition considering their age
Both the players have played all the different CD types I've thrown at them so far - CDRs including some up to 80 mins, CDR audio discs, standard CDs and SACD hybrids
Once again, thank you for selling quality players that you've serviced and got running well. I'll keep an eye on what you have for sale and won't hesitate to buy equipment from you again in future   - 

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The main purpose of NRPavs is to provide audio video advice, help with purchasing equipment, and where appropriate provide custom solutions

We do offer in Oldies but Goodies, secondhand av equipment, but we can also provide what you are looking for from new products or quality traded goods purchased especially to match your needs

    Contacts :   Noel R. Parkin

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